8 Clear Signs He Is Making Love To You

making love

Sometimes it’s just sex. Fun and satisfying, but nothing more than that.

There’s nothing wrong with that! But sometimes it’s… different. It’s something more.

Sometimes you’re not just having sex together. You’re expressing deep feelings you have for each other in the most intimate way possible.

That, my friends, is what making love is.

There’s a big difference between making love vs sex.

But you don’t always know when it’s love making. Most guys aren’t going to announce “this time I’m going to make love to you” beforehand.

No worries. This guide will help you figure out if he’s making love to you.

You’ll need to look for some of these sure signs to figure it out. Whether it’s a new guy or the man you’ve been with for years, these are things that almost always happen when you’re making love.

Foreplay Takes A Long Time

A lot of men think foreplay only includes the things you do immediately before intercourse. Things you’ll do when you’re already in bed with most of your clothes off.

But we all know that’s not always true. Sometimes seduction will begin hours before.

It can start with tantalizing conversation. Holding hands and light touching. Whispering sexy things in your ear when you’re out in public.

He will kiss you for a long time before he starts taking off your clothes. And he won’t seem like he’s in a hurry. In fact you might get the impression that he’s happy to just keep kissing you without going any further.

Make him fall in love with you

He Undresses You Slowly

Even as things get hotter and heading toward the bedroom, there’s no rush.

When he feels passionately about you, he’ll want to savor every moment.

If he wants to take off your shirt, he might unbutton it slowly and kiss your exposed skin as he’s doing it.

Or if you’re wearing a dress, he’ll pull it up ever-so-slightly to see and feel just a little more of your body.

Even if he’s seen your naked body many times already, he will treat the process like he’s uncovering a new mystery with every new inch of you he sees.

He Spends Time Appreciating Your Body

When a man wants to make love to you, he will take his time kissing and caressing all over your body. Not just your typical erogenous zones, but everywhere. Hips, backs of your legs, shoulders, neck… you name it.

He will do this as he is undressing you, and he’ll continue to do it when your clothes are off.

He might not say it, but you’ll see in his eyes that he can hardly believe how beautiful the woman in front of him is.

If you go see the Mona Lisa painting, you won’t just walk by and casually notice is, saying “that’s nice”. Instead, you’ll spend time studying every little detail and appreciating its intricacy and beauty.

It’s the same thing with making love. He will treat your entire body like an unbelievable thing that he’s lucky to see, touch, smell and taste.

He Takes You In With All His Senses

Sometimes sex is all about sight and feel. You see an attractive body, and you feel it during sex.

Making love is different. Your man will still want to appreciate how you look, and he will most certainly want to feel you. But he’ll also want to taste your lips, your tongue, your skin, your breasts, and down there.

He’ll want to take in your smell. He will want to hear your breathing, your quick heartbeat, your gasps and moans.

And he’ll appreciate all of it. It all adds to the beautiful experience of lovemaking.

He Does Things He Knows You Like

Remember that time you told him how you like the back of your knees kissed? He does. And he will be sure to do it.

Or maybe he knows you like some light teasing before beginning sex (who doesn’t?)… well, he will make sure to do that.

When a man has deep feelings for you he will pay careful attention when you tell him what you like in bed. And when he wants to make love to you he will try to give you every last thing you want. Because he knows you deserve it.

He Maintains Eye Contact

Not in a creepy way. Rather, he will gaze into your eyes while the two of you are connected, because he wants the connection to be even deeper.

They say your eyes are the window to your soul. When he is making love with you, that’s what he’s looking at when he stares into your eyes.

And when you’re finished he will keep looking at you. Because you’ve triggered deep feelings of connection in him. Even if he doesn’t say it, his loving gaze will give it away.

He Gets Emotional

I’m not saying your man is going to start crying during sex. But when he is making love with the woman he adores, he will inevitably feel strong emotions.

After all, that’s what the term means: you’re creating a strong emotional bond with each other within the act of sex.

Even men who don’t usually let their emotions show will give you some signs. There might be a slight quiver in his voice, or a distinct look in his eyes that shows all that he’s feeling.

He Doesn’t Want To Leave Your Side After

One of the surest signs that he’s making love to you and not just fucking you is the way he acts afterward.

Instead of getting up to put his clothes on, or get a snack, or take a nap… he just wants to be by your side and experience the moment longer. For him, time has stopped, and all that matters is the woman next to him.

When he loves you, it doesn’t stop after he expresses it physically. He will keep on loving you, and he’ll show it by touching you, talking to you, and giving you attention long after sex is over.


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