How To Arouse A Man With Touch [According To Science]

arouse with touch

Men have places on their bodies that are especially sensitive to touch. If you want to arouse him with your touch, pay special attention to these areas.

You already know the obvious sexual places you can touch a man. But you can tease him and make him very horny very easily by touching him elsewhere, too. You don’t have to touch him down there to arouse him. This guide will show you how else you can do it. 🙂

Once you learn how to turn a man on with touch you’ll make the special guy in your life will be addicted to you. Let’s get started!

Pay Attention To Male Erogenous Zones

First things first, what are “erogenous zones”?

Erogenous zones are simply areas that are very sensitive to sexual stimulation.

You may remember the famous Friends episode when Monica was explaining that there are 7 different erogenous zones on a woman.

Well, men have them too, and there are more than 7.

The following are some of the best places to touch a guy to get him excited.

Bottom of his feet

The soles of his feet don’t have a high amount of nerves, but they’re still a very sensual place to touch him… if you do it right.

Touch him too softly on his bare feet and you’ll just be tickling him. Not sexy.

But a gentle massage will drive a lot of men wild. Eastern medicine has long understood that the feet are connected to other regions of the body, and stimulating the soles can trigger a deep relaxation response in him.

A foot massage is great no matter who you’re with. But when he’s getting a loving foot massage from you, it will not only help him relax but can also lead to quick arousal.

Gluteal fold (where thigh meets butt)

Here’s another sneaky one. Your man probably loves giving attention to your gluteal fold.
Why not return the favor?

This is a great spot to surprise him with a caress/kiss/lick. He’s probably not used to this, so prepare to become his favorite lover of all time.

The glute area itself doesn’t have a whole lot of nerves compared to the rest of the body. But it’s located very close to some of his most sensitive areas, and the anticipation you create by touching his gluteal fold will be out of control.


You don’t need to go kissing his armpits, but the areas just below and immediately behind his armpits are great spots to touch and kiss.

Underarms are dense with nerve endings that connect throughout the body. The sensation of being lightly kissed here may give him uncontrollable shivers – in a good way. 😉

Just be careful. Some men are just too sensitive in that area to handle much touching. You can try it out but if he starts reacting like he’s being tickled mercilessly – stop.

Back of knees

It’s not an erogenous zone for every man, but it’s highly arousing to some.

If your man does like you touching this spot you’ll know immediately. If it’s not his thing he will get bored of it quickly.


The neck is one of the most sensitive areas of a man to kiss. Done correctly, it can take him from 0 to 60 in no time.

Necks have a dense network of organized nerve endings that are part of the brachial plexus. The skin surface is quite sensitive to touch so you shouldn’t apply a lot of force in your kiss.

Neck kissing is great for all kinds of circumstances – casually kissing, foreplay, and during sex. Gentle neck touching is also arousing to men. Try stroking your fingertips lightly along the side of his neck and collarbone the next time you’re kissing.


We usually think of holding hands, or a caring kiss on the hand, but his hands can also be an erogenous area if you touch them that way.

The areas between the fingers – his interdigital folds – have lots of nerve endings. Stroking that area with your fingers or lightly kissing will be a nice and unexpected way to get him going.

Enjoy It Yourself

Nothing will be sexier to him than seeing that you enjoy touching him.

There are plenty of playful ways to show that you’re having fun touching his body. Do it in your own way.

If you’re really attracted to him you shouldn’t have to act here – just act the way you feel!

Remember: men love to feel attractive, too. They just don’t always express it.

And if he feels attractive he’ll be more comfortable and confident with you, which will in turn make everybody happy. 🙂

Make it obvious that you enjoy touching him. You’ll be glad you did.

Tease Him

This advice never fails.

When you’re touching him, get close to his genital area and then pull back. Do it over and over from different angles.

For example, if he’s laying on his back, rub your hands on his stomach all the way down to just above his pubic bone and then stop and come back. The anticipation will arouse him almost every time.


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