How To Touch A Man While Kissing Him

touch during kiss

Have you been in this situation?

You lock lips with a guy and it’s amazing. At first.

But if you want to really turn a guy on while kissing you have to pay attention to more than just your kiss.

One of the biggest differences between a OK-but-forgettable kiss and a unforgettable-OMG kiss is where you put your hands. Don’t underestimate the power of knowing how to hold your boyfriend while kissing.

Today I’m going to give you eight suggestions.Β Take em or leave em πŸ™‚

It doesn’t matter if it’s a new guy that you’re seeing or he’s been your man for a long time. You probably need to step up your kissing game, my friend!

The good news is that it’s simple. Just your touch will be enough to drive him wild.

So let’s get started.

Touch his face

This one’s for more of a tender “I love you” type of kiss.

You can gently stroke his jaw and cheek with you hand. Or you can put both hands on each side of his face if you feel like it.

Lots of men like having their face touched while kissing, especially when they are making love to you. Watch out for his eyes though – you might have to peak for a second to see where your hand’s going.

Touch the back of his neck

This is a more sensitive area that you should definitely touch next time you’re kissing him. There are a lot of nerves just below his posterior hairline so a gentle touch will do.

The back of the neck is a good place to start. There are so many places you can go from there!

Where to touch a guy when you're kissing

Grab his hands

This is another move on the loving/caring side. Holding hands can be very intimate – for guys too.

You can intertwine your fingers with his, or clasp hands. It’s a great way of connecting deeper during your kiss.

Tug on his shirt

Tugging on his shirt is a GREAT move if you’ve been kissing for a while. It’s teasing and playful. Also a nice way to let him know you want to go further πŸ˜‰

Put your hands on his thighs

If you’re sitting down, put one or both hands on his mid-thigh area. Another great way to tease him.

Be careful squeezing on them, though. A lot of people have ticklish spots above the knees and even the whole thigh. (You’ll know fast if he’s ticklish there.)

Pull him closer

This one’s a must. If you’re enjoying the kiss, lightly pull him closer to you either with your hands on his back or gently tugging his arm.

Pulling him closer non-verbally communicates that you’re enjoying the kiss. It can also be a signal that you want to go further, but not necessarily.

Run your hands along his body

Never underestimate how much men like to feel attractive. And a great way to make him feel attractive is to touch your favorite areas of his body – shoulders, chest, whatever.

Do it like you mean it! You want him to know how much you’re enjoying it too. That will make the kiss even hotter.

Or there…

Touching him down there is going to send his arousal skyward. It could send a pretty strong signal that you want to go further, but he might also enjoy just letting you do what you want.

End the confusion

The truth is there’s no right way to touch a man while kissing. Do what feels right in the moment! But be sure to try a few of these suggestions – you’ll thank me for it πŸ˜‰


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