3 Mind Hacks That Make You Irresistible To Men

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Let’s face it. Men aren’t known for having a lot of vulnerability and emotional availability. This can be extremely frustrating but the good news is that once you understand how men’s brain’s work you can easily make yourself irresistible to most men by short circuiting what’s called the “hero instinct” in every man.

In this article you’re going to discover the 3 Mind hacks that short circuit men’s logical side of their brain and taps into a primal instinct every man has. Once you learn how to tap into this primal instinct you will make yourself irresistible to any man you desire.

The bad news is that if you don’t understand how this works you can easily become just another “notch” or “conquest” in your desired man’s belt.

1. Men Think They’re Logical. They’re Not.

Men like to pride themselves as being very logical and women as being very emotional. What most men don’t realize is that actually women are very logical they just don’t understand how to experience or talk about their emotions.

Once you can tap into the emotional side of a man’s brain you are bypassing their “logic” and “rational” thinking and now you are in control because let’s face it women understand emotions a lot better than most men.

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2. Let Them Be The Hero While You Control The Story.

Every man want’s to be a hero. It’s something that every little boy from the time they understand that they want to protect their mommy desires. It’s something that comes from millions of years of evolution that has gotten us this far.

Look, the fact is most women don’t need a hero. Let’s face it we take care of ourselves and often times keep the whole family together. But, remember we are not talking about logic here. When you do something that makes a man feel like they are protecting you they are psychologically programmed to associate the feeling of protecting a woman with sexual and emotional desire.

I’m not talking about just sexual attraction. It’s easy and cheap to make men sexually attracted to you. I’m talking about true sexual and emotional desire. The type of emotional desire where they will walk 400 hundred miles just to be with you.

When was the last time a man made you his Goddess?

3. Be His Goddess Not His Conquest.

Every man want’s to feel validated by having multiple sexual conquests, however what’s even more powerful is to become his Goddess. The difference between a Goddess and a conquest is a Goddess is worshipped and adored by her man and a conquest is just well…you use your imagination.

If you’re tired of just being another conquest then I have good news for you. When you trigger a man’s Goddess activator in a man’s brain you can instantly turn yourself from conquest to Goddess even if you’ve felt like your desired man’s 2nd or even 3rd choice.

The trick is activate a man’s dopamine, serotonin, oxytocin, endorphin levels.  Each of these chemicals activates a different part of a man’s brain. Once you understand how to activate each of these chemicals you now have the ability to create brain chemical “love potions” for every man you desire.

Create Brain Chemical “Love Potions”

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You may think that you have an unfair advantage after watching this training but remember other women are using this every day to get the man they desire. Don’t lose the man of your dreams because another women understands these secret strategies.

3 Mind Hacks That Make You Irresistible To Men


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