How To Turn A Guy On While Cuddling

turn him on cuddling

Everybody loves cuddling. It’s nice as it is. But you can always spice it up sometimes.

Here are some simple things you can do when you’re cuddling with your man to turn him on. Use them at your own risk 😉

Press your body closer to his

You’re probably already close to him, but you can get closer. All you need to do is scoot toward him so your body is firmly pressed into his. If you’re spooning this should be easy.

If you’ve been spooning a while he will have gotten used to the feeling of your body next to him. So this way you can remind him you’re there 😉

Put his hands where you want them

Take his hands and move his arms to wherever you want. You can wrap his arms around you more, or hold his hands, or put his hands on your waist. If you want to tease him here you can ever-so-slightly let him feel your chest.

Or you can take the less subtle route, if you know what I mean. Up to you.

Be revealing

Let him see just enough of you to be turned on. A bit of skin or a glimpse of what you’re wearing underneath. Ideally you want him just slightly distracted from whatever else you guys are doing.

Stroke his hair

Reach up and gently run your fingers through his hair. You can do it as few or as many times as you feel like. If you’re little spoon you’ll have to glance to make sure you don’t poke his eye while you’re reaching back.

Stroking his hair is an intimate way of touching him. It’s not the most erogenous area, but just the act of touching him will start arousing him.

Put your hand on his body

Instead of waiting for him to touch you, start touching him while the two of you are cuddled. You can build anticipation by gradually working your way along his body toward his favorite area(s).

Try going under his shirt with your hand. It will have him dying to see where you’re taking this.

Say something dirty

You don’t even need to touch him to turn him on while you’re cuddling – you can do it with your words! Men love it when their woman unexpectedly says something flirty or sexual to them.

If you’re not used to dirty talk, don’t sweat it too much. Just whisper whatever it is you’re thinking about right now. What do you like most about cuddling with him? What are you imagining him doing to you?

Unbutton or unbuckle

This is a sure way to tease him and let him know you want to escalate things. It’s pretty straightforward, too 😉

Remember, men love being surprised. If you unexpectedly undo one of his shirt buttons, unbuckle his belt, even unbutton his pants… it will drive him absolutely crazy!

Wear perfume

Most men like the smell of good perfume. If you’re wearing a little bit he will be taking in your feminine smell all night and that will arouse him. Doubly so if you have a perfume you usually wear. A man will be turned on just by the smell of you on his clothes, so make sure he gets plenty while you’re cuddling.


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