What Holding Hands Means To A Guy: 4 Possible Meanings

holding hands meaning

He held my hand! What does it mean?? 

I get that question a lot. It’s amazing how a simple romantic gesture can stir up so much confusion. Is it an intimate sign that he’s really into you? Or is it just something he does on a date?

Sometimes holding hands isn’t a big deal. You already know that. And you are here to find out how to tell when holding hands means more.

If you like a guy then it’s natural to analyze every little thing that happened on your date. So let’s put hand holding under the microscope and figure out what it means for you and your new love interest.

Here is a list of four possible hand-holding meanings. Chances are your situation falls into one or more of these categories.

Four Possible Hand-Holding Meanings

Holding hands with a guy can tell you a few different things. Some or all of the below meanings may apply to your situation.

1) He Really Likes You!

This one is for all my over-thinkers reading this. Relax! If a guy holds your hand when the two of you are hanging out it’s a pretty strong signal that he likes you.

You as a woman might hold hands with a girlfriend simply because you’re friends. Men don’t work this way. If they hold your hand then you can pretty much rule out the “friend zone”. He sees you as something more.

Holding hands doesn’t necessarily mean he is falling head-over-heels for you. But it could.

You need to consider it in context. Does he do other things that show he likes you? Is he excited to see you when you show up? Do you get that gut feeling he’s into you?

If your answer to those questions is yes, then holding hands probably is a sign he likes you. 😉

2) He Is A Smooth Operator

Some men are strategic and calculating. They know how to meet, attract, and flirt with women. These men have lots of experience, which is why they seem to always know the right things to say and do when you’re together.

You might call these men “players”. But not all experienced men are dishonest players. Just because a guy has had lots of romantic experiences with different women doesn’t mean he’s going to seduce you and dump you.

You just have to be careful. Mr. Smooth Operator can give you the impression he is absolutely taken with you, when in reality he just knows what to do to make you feel attracted to him.

What does your gut tell you? Is he holding your hand out of genuine affection, or is it just a part of his seduction routine?

In a way, holding hands is a lot like sex. You can sense whether a man is genuinely making love, or if it’s just unattached physical pleasure.

3) He Is Shy

Holding hands for the first time can be nerve-wrecking. Especially for him, assuming he is the one who reached for your hand first.

But do you know what’s a lot more nerve-wrecking? Going in for the kiss. Or even just telling you he likes you.

Kissing someone for the first time… telling them you really like them… these are things that carry the risk of rejection. Taking a woman’s hand during a date is slightly less daunting.

Holding your hand is a way for a shy guy to express interest in you and show that he wants to get closer physically, without being too bold.

4) He Wants To Make The Relationship Physical

Holding hands is often the first meaningful physical contact in a relationship.

Hollywood loves to show us the magical first dates that end in a kiss. Yet most men prefer to start smaller.

When you hold hands for the first time you cross an invisible barrier. You signal to each other that you want to touch each other.

I’ve got news for you. If he shows that he wants to touch you by holding your hand, he most definitely wants to do more than that.

Maybe he is shy, or he is a gentleman, or is simply not willing to go further physically at this point. But you better believe that the guy who holds your hand is interested in touching and kissing you beyond that.

Interlocking Fingers: Does It Show Intimacy?

If hand-holding includes interlocking fingers then it usually shows additional intimacy.

That’s not to say that having your palms clasped at 45-degree angles doesn’t show intimacy. It’s just that interlocking your fingers is extra intimate. It is a symbolic (and literal) way of showing that the two of you are quite connected.

Holding hands this way is very intimate. When a guy holds your hand like that you can be sure that he wants to be with you even more.

What Holding Hands Means To A Guy


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